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Salomon Snowboards

The salomon snowboards k2 adult snowboard with the salomon sp series bindings 150cm. Thesebindings are perfect for carving and powder farming. With a durable construction and an autumnal color palette, the snowboard is perfect for any snowboarder.

salomon huck knife pro 155w
Salomon Assassin

Salomon Assassin

By Salomon


Salomon Snowboard

Salomon snowboarding is the perfect place to get snowboarded! The people are wonderful and the goods are available online. I have snowboarded here before and it's a great place to start my snowboarding career.

Salomon All Mountain Snowboard

The salomon all mountain snowboard board is designed for the modern snowboarder. It has a 2022 date code and is made with high-quality materials. This board is perfect for anyone looking to get into snowboarding. the salomon snowboard 143cm 2022 is a great board for those looking for a new experience. With a new, more modern design and an updated snowboard deckset, this board is perfect for those looking for a bit more power on the ice. With aak oxy-directional controls, this board has been completely redesigned to let you navigate your way through ice better than ever before. With a big family atmosphere at the salomon snowboard museum in utah, this board is a must-have for any snowboarder. the new salomon snowboard knife line is out and we get the huck knife for the pro series. This is a full-tang, all-metal knife made for the repeatedarf-earing out there. The huck knife is also in the salomon snowboard knife linealbration. the salomon bearbrick snowboard is a good condition snowboard that is available in both regular and large sizes. This snowboard is perfect for those who are looking for a sturdy and heavy board to use on the ice or in the forest. With a size that is that of a standard snowboarding board, the salomon bearbrick is sure to provide users with ease of use and control.