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Vintage Snowboard Bindings

If you're looking for vintage bindings that are made with metal technology, then we've got just the thing. The t9 metallics are designed to provide the user with a very strong, yet flexible binding. They're also easy to clean - just wash the bindings in the dishwasher and they'll be in good condition.

Vintage Snowboard Plate

There's a lot of debate over what type of snowboard plate you should buy each year. some are made to hold snow, others made to not hold snow. a plate will also come in terms of size. there are many types of snowboard plates, but we would recommend you try to find the best plate for your needs. a good place to start is with your town's snowboarding barometer. some have a special offer for those who order before the 20th of aama: the plate will be sent with your order and you can use it that week without any work. the plate also has a protection for your snowboard frame which is the most important part of your snowboarding.

Cheap Vintage Snowboard Bindings

This item is a vintage world industries snowboard bindings 1997. It is made of heavy rubber and has a black hemlock design. It is perfect for learning skills and delicateasics snowboarding. Joyride vintage snowboard bindings are a great deal on the market! joyride vintage snowboard bindings are a great value for the price. these burton custom snowboard bindings are a vintage inspired binding that is large enough to fit any snowboard. They have a comfortable fit and able to last for years with only a few use. The binding is made from 100% satisfaction guarantee made to order. burton bindings is a brand that specializes in making vintage-looking bindings. They have a variety of bindings for you to try and experience the concept of bindings.