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Green Snowboard Pants

The perfect goto for cold weather. These pants are made with olive army green to give you a modern look. The medium to large size is perfect for most people. These snowboard pants are also comfortable to wear and, due to the olive army green, they will stay put all day long.

Dark Green Snowboard Pants

These black snowboard pants are the perfect choice for any snowboarder looking to wear snowboard pants for the first time! They have a comfortable and stylish look that will make you look and feel more confident, even when you're first starting out.

Neon Green Snowboard Pants

The neon green snowboard pants are perfect for those special someone moments when the weather is cold and opt for a compartimentable liner on your snowboardogauit. With a slimmed down design these pants give the feeling that you're wearing snowboarding central casting. technical details: legs length belt width belt height belt length belt width belt height legs length -Legs are lengthwise -Belt length is from the leg hole to the front of the left pocket -Belt width is from the left pocket to the back of the pocket -Belt height is from the back of the pocket to the ground -Fitting was a challenge due to the slimmer waist and high waistline -Did not fit well due to slimmer waist and high waistline -May take a few fittings to get the perfect fit -Made in the usa customer feedback: the pants are great, fit well and make special person moments more likely. These green snowboard pants are the perfect way to protect yourself in case of the unexpected. With a cozy, warm feel to them, they will help you stay warm and comfortable all day long. The cold weather just isn't going to be as bad as they think! We have some of the best green snowboard pants on the market - perfect for those who love the sport! These pants are made from 100% olive green water resistant fabric that is ready for any weather condition. They are also platform day wear pants with a comfortable waistband and a roomy waist. The large size is perfect for anyone who wants the perfect fit and is also water resistant. The nike snowboarding pants are a great choice for snowboarding warriors! They're stylish and water resistant, and will keep you warm and comfortable,